The British Government fully intends to continue its membership of Erasmus+ in the future. We have been assured that the funding that has already been promised to institutions which have agreements with UK partners, will be guaranteed until the end of 2020, which is when the current funding cycle finishes.

The new funding cycle is currently in the planning stages and the UK government will continue to participate in discussions while the UK remains an EU Member State. The decision on future participation in Erasmus will be decided as part of the future partnership negotiations, but as stated in the UK’s White Paper on the future UK-EU relationship, ‘the UK is open to exploring participation in the successor scheme’ and has proposed a new UK-EU culture and education accord that ‘provides for UK participation in EU programmes’.

With all this in mind we remain optimistic that the UK will continue to participate in Erasmus after Britain has left the EU and we are confident that we will be welcoming you and your students at the ECBM in 2019.

Richard Bills - Sarah Illes